Whitney Messervy

Meet Whitney

NAME: Whitney Messervy

WORK TITLE: Digital Strategist

WORLD TITLE: Stealer of Bank Pens

Whitney has been in the marketing game since she was a child…because to her marketing is creative, it’s telling a story, creating worlds out of thin air and shaping them into a meaningful direction.

It all started with her Barbies and all of the escapades and dramas that she weaved at the Dream House. Fast forward to now, she still loves to tell stories and craft messages now she does it for clients.


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Morning Person




Nature Girl

Likes to Catch
Fish & Criminals

Master Planner
Major Reader

Punk Rock Girl
Jazz Lover

Nature Family
Hiking Crew

Rock Climber
Mountain Gazer

Beach Cooker
Adventure Seeker

Yoga Student
Former Flasher

Juicing Nerd
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