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YAK… what more can we say? This logo is just cool. period. What’s more, the outdoor guides at YAK are just as cool and their logo and they really offer the area’s best kayak fishing experience hands down.


Ok so the story with this logo… why a YAK for a fishing company? Glad you asked…

So Yaks (the animal) are used all over the world (more specifically in the Alpine regions of Patagonia) as load carrying animals. They are super strong, sturdy, and RELIABLE; Just like Mike Eady and Johnny Wigfall from YAK Fishing & Outdoor Guides. What’s more… these guys are fishing out of “kaYAKs” and so bringing these two seemingly non-related concepts together just works! We want a hat! and a shirt… and a sticker…  These guys are not messing around, they provide the very best kayak fishing experience in the Myrtle Beach area! Be sure to check out their full site at YAKoutdoorguides.com