9Round Fitness – “Super Mom”

A Testimonial Story - Marketing Videos


Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, especially when you are a busy mom! You still need to work out to reach your fitness goals but just don’t have the time to waste. 9Round Fitness gets you burning close to 300 calories in just thirty minutes! It’s the perfect workout for moms and busybodies! 9Round Fitness Murrells Inlet franchise owner Tyler knows this, and he knows that this segment of the market makes up a large part of his target demographic.




He approached Mad Ladder Studios knowing that he wanted to have a professionally shot testimonial-style video for his kickboxing gym. We took a simple testimonial interview and took it one step further… a testimonial story. When you tell a story, people resonate with the lead character and really absorb what they are telling you. Marketing videos are a great way to provide social proof to potential customers who may be looking to sign up or buy your product and service.




In addition to filming, we also helped Tyler to create a landing page, a proper sales funnel, and also helped with social media ad campaign across facebook, instagram, and snapchat! What happened? He saw a rise in his target demographic membership the following days! Thank you for a great shoot!


If you need a testimony filmed or a testimonial-style video or any marketing video, contact Mad Ladder Studios today!

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