SEO Dental Marketing

SEO Dental Marketing
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Our SEO Challenge

The medical field is very competitive, so when it comes to medical marketing and creating a medical SEO strategy it is important to know the playing field. This client had two locations. One was well established and the other location had just opened. There were two core challenges. One, the competition…isn’t that always the problem? Not only is there stiff competition but the competition has marketing dollars and were doing a mix of social media, ads, and mailers. The other was time, we really needed to try and make a quick splash to help support and grow the new location.

SEO Marketing Work and Results



I referred to the “unformula-formula” in a previous post. In summary, it’s our approach to how we help our clients get to the top of Google search. For this client we worked through a content strategy to hone in on locations just as much as specific keywords. Through a mix of updating on-page, off-page profiles, and highly focused content, we were able to accomplish big things in a short time.

Dental Marketing

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