Web Design
User Interface, Web Design


We don’t always get to “mack” out every website we build. Sometimes we have to stay within a budget and that is cool. You can still get a great website that is functional, pleasing, and easy for your customers to navigate.


Lets take a look at Seaspray Homes, the website of a very popular business in Pawleys Island South Carolina, run by a Genral Contractor named Bobby Strickland. We had a specific budget and with that price we were still able to deliver a great product that leaves all of their customers informed with a positive website experience.


Using the UX Distilling Methodology of famous UX/UI Designer (Daniel O’Sullivan –, we gathered all the necessary business information and distilled it into the major content areas of the website. After this process, we began our Information Architecture step in our process, where we strategically place the right words in all the “write” places. Next it was time for imagery… we sent our photographer out to a few of the job sites and BAM! Seaspray Home’s website was up and running in no time! (It’s all slightly more complicated than previously mentioned but you get the idea)


Whatever project you are considering… give Mad LADDER Studios an opportunity to simplify your life and create something that you and your customers will enjoy!