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Coastal School Ministries Undergoes a Brand Transformation!


Here is a look at the Coastal School Ministries website before Mad Ladder Studios got our hands on this wonderful program!


Custom Built Responsive Web Design

Here is a look at how we rebranded them and integrated UX Design and Methodology into their new, responsive web design.


responsive web design


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About this Project:

Coastal School Ministries works in partnership with Horry County Public Schools to expose youth to Biblical Principles through Released-Time Bible Education. Released-Time Bible Education classes are offered multiple class periods each day, five days a week throughout the school year. We actually fell in love with this program and wanted to give their brand a facelift to reflect the energy and enthusiasm they have for teaching their students.

Their old website was not responsive in design, which not only hurt their user’s experience but also hurt their Google rankings. Mad Ladder Studios helped to organize their information, create a modern look and feel, and a responsive web solution to help users navigate more freely and intuitively throughout the website. We also created a new logo for them and filmed a promotional marketing video to help them kickstart a new campaign on social media!


Services Completed for this Project Included:

UX/UI Web Design

Business Promo Video

GoFundMe Campaign

Logo Design

Branding Design Package

Custom Photography

Hassle- Free Hosting & Maintenance



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