Blue Wave Adventures – Logo Design

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Taking a look at Blue Wave Adventures Logo. We see their original design:


and here is the Mad LADDER Studios redesign:



Blue Wave Adventures wanted a logo that represented them… fun, family-friendly, and most importantly, dolphin tour experts. They also really needed a logo mark that was geared for MERCHANDISING. Blue Wave Adventures loved the idea of opening up an entirely new revenue stream with their business. They plan on having an entire apparel line as well as decals and koozies to support their thriving business.

When you first look at the logo your eye is first drawn to the dolphin. Your eye then reads the word “Adventures.” This is key and crucial to branding… you know exactly what their business is about: dolphins and adventures. Upon further examination, you see that the dolphin is jumping out of the circle and waves that represents the Earth and the expansive ocean. The subtle shades of blue help to give this an approachable feel while also giving your mind a feeling of expertise.



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